Individual Videographer

$50 flat rate Plus

$00.80/Minute of recording over 60 minutes

$00.535/mile outside of East Brunswick, NJ (round trip)

Captiv aspires to create a world where all those with something to share are able to share it.  Individual videographers allow for specialized attention to your abilities, messages, passions, or ideas so that all of your best attributes are showcased.

How it works


  1. Customize at least 2 weeks prior to an event

    • (Event must be within a 40-mile radius of East Brunswick, New Jersey.  If it is found that your event location does not meet this requirement, you will be refunded)

  2. submit to captiv

  3. pay the $50 Flat Rate

  4. Pay the additional minutes of footage and total mileage of your trip before the day of your event

  5. Your footage is recorded and stored in a file within captiv for future highlight videos




What it includes


  • Individualized videography for the duration of your specified event to be stored in a file at Captiv

  • Free Captiv Proof


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Hannah Maqsudi


Raw Footage Preview, September 2017

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