Our mission is to create the best stage in the world for one's passion to have an equal opportunity at success.




ShowNxt Shootz is connecting those with the means to record sports matches with those who need their matches recorded.

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About Us

Our Vision

ShowNxt is an entertainment company built on the power of storytelling.  Our mission is to create the best stage in the world for one's passion to have an equal opportunity at success.  To accomplish this, our first step is making sports videography more convenient, affordable, and accessible through ShowNxt Shootz. We are doing so by following the crowdsourcing models of Uber, Airbnb, and DoorDash, matching athletes who need their games recorded with videographers who have the means to record them.

Our next step is raising the game of collegiate soccer.  We will level the playing field of college recruiting while helping coaches better identify long-lasting athletes.


We envision a world where your end is independent of your beginning; a world that you choose to create.  A world where you define attention.   

Every customer is our only customer.

Be a livitfulist; passion is what makes you, you

Morality has no compromise

There has never been success without risk

Our Values

Communities are built on respect and balance

All you need is an opportunity

Failure is great only when you learn something

Working smarter is working harder

Create without boundaries then simplify like the world knows nothing

Love it, don't like it


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