What are promotional clips and how do I upload them?

What promotional clips are

highlights are your best moments of play.  A typical highlight will be anywhere from 12 - 30 seconds.  Most commonly, a highlight will include 5 seconds of footage before the "best moment" and 5 seconds after.  This moment can be anything from one move that puts you past an opponent to a pass that eventually leads to a score.  

How to upload your highlights from a computer

(From YouTube see steps 15-16)

2. Once created, double click on the triangular Icon labeled "drive" to open your "Google Drive"

3. CLick "new" in the upper Left hand Corner

4. Create a "new folder" 

5. Name your "folder" what you would like your captivideo to be called

7. go into your "folder"

8. CLick "new" in the upper Left hand Corner again

9. This time, select "File Upload"

10. select the files you would like uploaded from your device

11. once fully uploaded, click the drop down menu from your "folder"

12. Click "get a shareable Link"

13. Make sure "link sharing" is "on", then go to "sharing settings"

14.  Change to "anyone with link can edit" then "copy" link


15.  "paste" link in respected area on customization page

16. include the time at which highlights occurred in each tape

**** If you are using a youtube link, follow steps 15-16

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