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Joined in January 2019

Hello, I'm Aung Thant Kyaw, a third year at Northeastern University studying Marketing and Graphic Design. I first joined the ShowNxt team when it was just starting out. I stayed on the same floor as Lucas when we were freshmen! I really think ShowNxt can make an impact for a lot of people's lives. In 2019, I decided to take a break from ShowNxt to pursue other personal projects. However I rejoined in November 2020 to lend a helping hand again in shaping ShowNxt's brand.

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Joined in March 2019

Hey guys! I'm Louiza Benhamou, a 3rd-year Computer Science and Business student from Glen Ridge, NJ. After hearing about Shownxt from Lucas, my friend from high school, I decided that I wanted to know more and after reaching out and discussing his newfound adventure in the world of college athletics, I knew I just had to join this amazing group of people. Right now, I serve as Head of UX, where I put together website updates, constantly update our Brand Guide, and work with all sides of the dev team to implement new features on the app.

Joined in April 2020

Hey! I’m Leen and I’m so honored to be the designer for ShowNxt! I’m from Jordan and, as the card reads, I’m majoring in graphic design and currently unsure of what year I’m graduating (given the present climate of general uncertainty). I’m also a photographer, writer, and illustrator. I’m so excited to have joined the team and looking forward to all the upcoming projects! 

Joined in September 2020

Hi everyone! I’m Anna and I am currently a fourth-year CS and Design major at Northeastern. I love eating good food and hanging out with friends when I have the time  I also like singing and making dance covers to popular songs. I joined ShowNxt after Lucas reached out to me on LinkedIn and after a couple of Zoom calls, here I am! Although I only just joined, I’m really excited to see what’s in store for me as I’ll be able to learn a lot of new things and gain a few new friendships!

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