About Us

ShowNxt is a Northeastern student-led, early-stage startup tackling the increasing wealth gap in America that leaves talented yet underserved soccer players without an opportunity to be seen.


We are creating a free mobile app that connects athletes and coaches from anywhere in the world by allowing athletes to post 15-second videos of themselves playing the beautiful game.  These videos are then curated into a Netflix-esq library for coaches to sort based on preferences such as position, location, etc.

We began private beta testing in April 2020.  To date, we have over 890 athletes and 25 college coaches (including 19 Division I schools) signed on.  The University of Michigan, MIT, and Northeastern University make up 3 of these schools.

We are currently based in San Francisco and looking forward to continuing our development process until our official launch at the beginning of 2021.


Who are we?

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