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Joined in January 2020

Hey everyone! I’m Zach, a third you at northeastern studying computer science and working on the app at ShowNxt. I joined in January of 2020 as the recruitment process was very challenging for me. I want to make sure that everyone can do what they love without barriers, and ShowNxt makes that possible.

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Joined in March 2019

Hey guys! I'm Louiza Benhamou, a 3rd-year Computer Science and Business student from Glen Ridge, NJ. I came across Shownxt from the Huntington News article that Lucas Espada, our Founder, and CEO, was featured in. Lucas and I have known each other since High School, where we were both on the District Board of the NJ District of Key Club Int'l. After hearing about Lucas's startup, I decided that I wanted to know more and after reaching out and discussing his newfound adventure in the world of college athletics, I knew I just had to join this amazing group of people. *****NEEDS UPDATE****

Joined in March 2020

Hi! I’m Ganesh, a third year at Northeastern studying electrical and computer engineering, working on software development at ShowNxt. I joined in March of 2020 because I loved the mission of bringing equal opportunity as well as combining sports and social media!!

Joined in April 2020

Hey! I’m Leen and I’m so honored to be the designer for ShowNxt! I’m from Jordan and, as the card reads, I’m majoring in graphic design and currently unsure of what year I’m graduating (given the present climate of general uncertainty). I’m also a photographer, writer, and illustrator.

One day in April 2020 I received a dm from Lucas Espada asking me to consider joining the ShowNxt team. I accepted so quickly I think I confused him. In any case, I’m so excited to have joined the team and looking forward to all the upcoming projects! *****NEEDS UPDATE****

Joined in September 2020

Hey! I’m Liam, a third-year at Northeastern studying computer science and information science, working on software development at ShowNxt. I joined in September of 2020 because I loved the mission of creating equal opportunity amongst all athletes, and was excited for the opportunity to work with such a talented driven group of individuals.

Joined in September 2020

Hi everyone! I’m Anna and I am currently a fourth-year CS and Design major at Northeastern. I love eating good food and hanging out with friends when I have the time  I also like singing and making dance covers to popular songs. I joined ShowNxt after Lucas reached out to me on LinkedIn and after a couple of Zoom calls, here I am! Although I only just joined, I’m really excited to see what’s in store for me as I’ll be able to learn a lot of new things and gain a few new friendships!

Joined in September 2020

Hi everyone! I’m Chris, a fourth-year student at Northeastern University studying computer science with a minor in economics and mathematics. I am a software developer at ShowNxt working on all things in the mobile app. I joined in September of 2020 because I was excited about the mission to create a product that promotes equal opportunity within the college recruiting world. As someone who played ice hockey competitively growing up, I know the struggle to find the right resources and how expensive the recruiting process can be, and I am thrilled to be working on a product that can combat that problem.

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Joined in September 2020

Hey! I’m Mirana, a second-year at Northeastern studying Computer Science and Business Admin and working on software development at ShowNxt. I joined in September 2020 because I was inspired by the empowering missing to create equal opportunity amongst athletes and immediately knew that I wanted to be part of this journey.

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