Premium Team Package

What it includes


  • 120 minutes of footage

  • music synchronization

  • All credentials shown

  • player identification with Captiv Camera

  • up to 630 minutes of footage submitted

    • Equal to 14, 45-minute halves of a soccer game

  • featured on youtube channel

  • slow motion

  • animated transitions

How Purchasing Works


  1. Decide as a team to purchase this package

  2. As a coach, fill out the "Coach Purchase Form"

  3. Pay

  4. A file is created for the team in the captiv database that logs package activity

  5. receive an Email from detailing how many videos each member of the team will receive based on the number of minutes purchased 


How Receiving a Catpivideo as a member of a team works


  1. Fill out the "Player Submission Form"

  2. submit to captiv


  4. A file is created for you in the captiv database that logs your package activity

  5. receive your clip within 2 weeks


Coach Purchase Form

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Player Submission Form

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