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Founded in May 2017

Hey, my name’s Lucas Espada! I’m a third-year at Northeastern studying Entrepreneurship with minors in Computer Science and Psychology, graduating in 2023. I’m from East Brunswick, New Jersey, and my favorite soccer player is the legend himself, Manuel Neuer. *****NEEDS UPDATE****

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Joined in January 2019

Hi, Everyone! I’m Joe Chou, a third-year finance and accounting business student with a minor in consulting. I am from North Hills, NY. I joined ShowNxt as part of the original team when we were still known as Captiv. I found this opportunity through Lucas from our mutual intro to business class. After seeing us all build out business ideas together in class, I knew Lucas had something going and wanted to be part of that journey. My current role is Chief of Operations. *****NEEDS UPDATE****

Joined in January 2019

Hi everybody! I'm Max, a third-year student at Northeastern University studying Mathematics and Finance. As the Chief Analytics Officer at ShowNxt, I work on bringing our users the best experience possible. I joined the team in 2019 and helped develop our company into what it is today. Having played varsity sports in high school, I value bringing equal opportunity to college recruitment. ShowNxt is such a unique and innovative platform for athletes to engage with both coaches and one another, and I am excited to be sharing our vision with you all!

Joined in January 2019

Hello, my name is Chong. I'm a third-year at Northeastern studying Finance and currently working for the business team at ShowNxt. I joined ShowNxt in January 2019 because I understood how tough it is to get recruited as an athlete and would like to help upcoming superstars reach their dreams.

Joined in January 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Adit Agarwal, and I am a third-year studying Marketing at Northeastern University. I am from New Delhi, India, and I currently serve as the Chief Marketing Officer at ShowNxt!

I went to Costa Rica on a retreat with Startup Island in 2019, and that is where I met Lucas- we were roommates on that trip! We became friends in an instant, and he told me about his venture (Captiv at the time). I told him about my interest in soccer, and I eventually joined this amazing team at ShowNxt! *****NEEDS UPDATE****

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